LY5E (pronounced life) empowers you to take charge of your own Healthcare. It is uniquely engineered to simplify the communications between Doctors and Patients, bringing you closer to good health and a better healthcare eco-system.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making Healthcare Simpler, Accessible and Effortless.

Technology, should be the bridge, not the barrier.


Features for a better healthcare management

Upload Medical Records

Just one click to load your past medical records safely and securely to cloud. Keep it safe and access whenever needed.


Let your family members know whenever you need help. A simple SOS system that helps to reach your family in just one click.

Sync with Doctor

Your records are immediately available on your app whenever a doctor from our eco-system creates your record.

Information Search

Search doctors, hospitals, laws & actions to be taken for emergencies. All information made available even when there is no network.

Medical History

Updated medical history maintained by you and all doctors you visit collectively. It's new age healthcare.


Get news that's relevant. Our news articles are recommended and reviewed by our expert team of doctors.


Somethings that are just awesome.

100% FREE

Zero cost. No restrictions – Full access to all features. No Ads.

High Availability

Updated information always made available. No risk of losing it anytime.

Free Updates

As we upgrade, we will ensure that you receive all updates absolutely free.

Made with Love in India

A product made with dedication and passion to serve the healthcare system. Made by Indian engineers and doctors, from the grounds-up. In India.

Eco Friendly

We do care for nature. Ability to go 100% paperless. Compatible across devices – decreases e-wastage. Digital evolution but not at the cost of Nature.

Safe & Secure

Industry standard encryption. Smart yet thoughtful security protocols in place.

Get in Touch

Queries, Concerns, Feedback? Mail us at connect@LY5E.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.